Selkirk LakeEdit

Adventure: Kokopelli 2007 was organized by Suzie Davidson.  Davidson created the entire structure of the event and faciliated as well.  The event occured on Memorial Weekend 2007 on Selkirk Lake in Shelbyville, MI.  Kirk Carlson won the adventure in head-to-head challenge against Angie Cremeans. 12 players were divided into two teams, the Red and the Green Tribes.  The initial six challenges alternated between reward challenges and immunity challenges.  The Green Tribe won each reward challenge, but it was the Red Tribe who won each immunity challenge sending them to Merge with a 3 player advantage. 

The former Green Tribe consisted of Mac, Angie, and Trevor, but they would surprisingly all survive to the Final 5.  After the merge of players into one tribe, Trevor Davidson located the Hidden Immunity Totem and used it to his advantage.  Trevor and Steve Rainwater won the four team Tug Of War challenge and won them individual immunity at the first merged Tribal Sacrifice.  This would create a pattern of voting players out from the former Red Tribe by finding fissures within them team and using Liz Pierce and Kirk Carlson as swing votes.

The Final Five consisted of Trevor, Mac, Angie, Liz, and Kirk.  Trevor played the Hidden Totem at the Tribal Sacrifice negating four votes against him and single handedly voting out Mac with one vote.  At the Final Four immunity challenge, on the last dart, Liz threw a perfect bulls-eye, winning the immunity totem.  It was here that Liz stuck with her former Red Tribe partner Kirk, who also had an alliance with Angie Cremeans from the Green Tribe from the start, and they voted out Trevor.  Kirk won the final immunity challenge and voted out Liz.  He won the Final Duel against Angie Cremeans.

At the beginning, we chose colored rocks to determine teams.  Each team made a unique team name.  The first challenge was Over/Under.  Players had to fill a bucket of water by passing a wet sponge over and under their bodies to the back of the line.  When the last bucket was full, Big Reds won immunity from TC.  This challenge would evolve to what is now known as the "Water Brigade Challenge."    Ken -  5, Dave - 1    Fire Making Challenge - hidden within the playing area were small baggies with fire starting materials in them. Each team had to find the 4 bags and use the materials to start a fire that was big enough to burn through a twine rope approx 2 feet off the ground.    Tom - 3, Dave - 2    Suzie Skeeball Challenge - Players threw beanbags from atop a large hill.  At the bottom was a bulls-eye target.  The team with the highest points at the end wins immunity.    Dave - 3, Angie - 1    4 WAY TUG OF WAR--In pairs, teams attempted to pull other teams into a circle in the middle of the space.  Kirk and Angie solidified an alliance during this challenge, throwing it while Steve and Trevor dominated the physical portion of the challenge.       Steve and Trevor win immunity. 5 - Tony, 2 - Mac, 2 - Kirk       Glo in the Dark Ballz - Players were split into 2 teams.  Half of the players would receive immunity from this game.  Angie, Kirk, Mike, and Liz were all the same team.  Working together they won immunity.    6 votes Rich, 2 votes Steve    Slingshot Challenge - Another tradition made it's first appearance here.  Players had to knock out tiles of the other players' names.  Last player standing wins.    5 votes Mike, 1 vote Kirk, 1 vote Mac    Battleship - Another traditional challenge in Adventure involves variations on the board game Battleship.  In this first Adventure playing it their was a tie, and Steve and Mac had to beat a tie breaking challenge to see who won immunity.  Mac won immunity in the tie breaker.    Battleship - ended in a tie between Mac and Steve. Mac, working with Angie and Trevor, agreed to vote out Steve.  Angie informed Kirk of the plans and he went with it. For the first time in the game, the tides had turned and the former Green Tribe members had more players in the game than the former Red Tribe members. 4 votes Steve - 2 votes Kirk    Memory Card - Kirk and Liz, realizing that the numbers were suddenly against them, hatched a plot to win immunity and use it to lure someone from the other team onto their side.  Being the last round to play the Hidden Immunity Totem, Trevor was planning on playing it against Kirk.  However, when Kirk won immunity he was forced to change his plan.    4 votes against Trevor do not count because of his hidden immunity totem, Trevor's 1 vote against Mac eliminates him.    Darts - For individual immunity, the four players had to achieve the higest total score on a dart board using three darts.  Kirk went first and had the highest score.  Angie went second and did not score as high as Kirk.  Trevor went third and had the highest score.  Liz went last and a slow score on her first darts.  She had to get a bulls-eye to win the challenge.  On her third and final dart, Liz threw a bullseye and won individual immunity.    3 votes Trevor, 1 vote Kirk    Sand in the Bucket - Standing in the water, players had to throw sand and water over a distance into a large bucket.  The first player to win this challenge won immunity and was guaranteed a spot in the finals.  Kirk won individual immunity and in a live tribal council debated who to eliminate.     Liz asked to step down and Kirk voted against her.  With Liz and Angie's vote canceling each other out, Liz was eliminated.    Stamina - Skill - Temptation "Final Challenge - Ponged!"  The final two had to play drink pong against each other.  The player who landed the ball in all the glasses and successfully drank all the liquids, won the challenge.    Kirk won the challenge making him the winner of the only season so far not to feature a Jury.