eXile IslandEdit

Adventure: Kokopelli 2009 (eXile Island) was the first year to feature mutliple twists.  Originally 21, players were slated to start the game, but only 19 arrived on time.  This was the first year to feature three tribes.  Winning challenges also resulted in the winning tribe sending one players from one of the losing tribes to eXile.  At eXile, players could choose one of five paths to search for  Hidden immunity Totem.  Russell, Ema, and Megan B., would all find one, but no other player would locate one while at eXile.  After eXile, players immediately went to tribal sacrifice.  This year also featured the "Late Merge."  Players did not form one team until the Final 5.  Trevor Davidson and Johnny Sobatta both faced the Ghost Jury, and the jury awarded the win to Johnny Sobatta.

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