Veterans vs. RookiesEdit

Adventure: Kokopelli 2012 (Veterans vs. Rookies) was the first Adventure to begin with pre-dermined teams.  Returning players all came back as Waboz Tribe, and the new players joined the Kigonz Tribe.  Experience proved to be valuable as the veterans took home most the wins in the intial team challenges.  Jake was able to locate his tribe's hidden immunity totem.  In a first of a kind twist, voted out players went to eXile Island (the third time eXile has been used), where they were informed they were joining a new team, the Kokokoho Tribe.  At three specific points in the game, once each day, the voted out players (or Ghosts) would be allowed to play in an immunity challenge and attempt to "steal" immunity from the players.  If a Ghost succeeded in stealing immunity, that player was back in the game at tribal sacrifice and could not be voted for that round.  After 6 eliminations, the Ghosts returned as a tribe and competed against the other two tribes for immunity.  The Ghosts won and were allowed to vote two people from their tribe back into the game.  Jim and Abbey were returned to the game and randomly divded between the two teams.  In the second Ghost challenges, Ghosts helped other players win immunity, and if their player won, they would get a shot to return.  Tim O., Tyler, and Dustyn all would win the shot to steal immunity, and Tim O. won Liar's Dice, allowing him to return to the game.  Stef returned in the final Ghost challenge, but did steal immunity.  Katie Atto and Jake Valentine made it to the final two, and Katie's journey impressed the Ghost Jury tremendously.  Katie received thirteen votes to claim victory.

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