Frequent Types of ChallengesEdit

Types of Challenges Examples
Physical challenges Foot Races, Low Ropes Course
Stamina/Endurance Challenges Hands on Totem, Hands on Gold
Group Teamwork (Initiatives) Flag Raising, Stretcher Building
Outdoor Skill-based Challenges Fire-Building, Slingshots
Mental puzzles MENSA puzzles,
Social games Majority Rules

Popular ChallengesEditEdit

Challenge Name General Rules Years Used
Low Ropes Course Maze Players are attached to ropes by carabiner and they must navigate through a forest maze. All but 2007
Slingshots Players shoot slingshots at tiles. Each year
Raise Your Flag! Teams worktogether to raise their flag the highest. 2010-2012
Fire-Making  Teamns work together to build a fire first. Each year
Badonkaballz Teams work together to toss bolas at taregst worth point values. 2008-2011
Buried Treasure Teams uncipher coordinates which lead to a treasure chest with a final puzzle inside. 2008
10-Ft Carnival Balance Poles Players balance a golf ball on top of PVC pipe adding additional segments of PVC at specified intervals. 2010, 2012
Memory (Variants) Match the objects or pictures based on your recollection of the game board. Each year
Water-Moving Teams/players muyst race to fill a container with water using a vairety of methods.  Some of the past retriveal methods include: sponges, PVC pipe, mega squirt guns, and even your own body. Each year

Voided ChallengesEditEdit

Certain challenges have been eliminated from the Adventure repertoire based on how they have played out.

Challenge Name General Rules Years Attempted
Kings in the Corner Along a spider web ropes course, players moved along intersections turn by turn to block a team's KING player in.  Theorectically this is possible.  Due to confusion in rules, this challenge has never resulted in immunity.  It has always been called a Draw. 2010-2011
Battleship Battleship, though a popular game with the players has resulted in a two way tie more than once, resulting in changes in the rules, such as double immunities and multiple eliminations. 2007-2008
Flag on Back Race In this challenge, players have a flag on their back and race around a  track after each other.  When a player catches up to another player, they may take their flag.  Once a flag is taken from you, you are out of the race.  This challenge resulted in a contraversial calling trhe first year and resulted in numerous slight injuries due to running around a tree. 2010-2011