Hidden TotemsEdit

Hidden totems are items found by players that give them immunity or a specific advantage in the game.  Hidden totems are never revealed in the rules, but clues awarded lead to their wherabouts.  Most hidden totems read: "This totem may be used after the votes have been cast, but before they are revealed.  If you play the totem at this time, all votes for you will not count."  Kokopelli's Flute, The Amulets of Power, 2008-2009 totems had alternative abilities.

Total Totems Found
Dave Ross, Kenneth Johnson, Tyler Wait, Kirk Carlson 2
Trevor Davidson, Alex Morris, Russ Scott, Ema Staff, Megan Baljo, Dacia Wait, and Jake Valentine 1

Season Breakdown of Hidden TotemsEdit

Adventure: Kokopelli 2007 ~ 1 Hidden Totem  The losing teams were given clues to the hidden totem this year.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2007
2007 Found By Location Used? Rulings
Hidden Immunity Totem Trevor Under ground cover, near a tree. He used it at Final 5. This Totem saved the bearer at any Tribal Sacrifice where their name came up the most in the votes.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2008 ~ 5 Hidden Totems This year of the treasure hunt had players purchaing clues with gold and gems they found or earned in the challenges.

2008 Found By Location Used? Rulings
Earth Totem

Dave Ross

Underground beneath where three fallen trees met. Yes
Air Totem Kenneth Johnson* High in a pine tree. Yes
Fire Totem Kenneth Johnson* Underneath one of the fire pit's rocks. Yes
Water Totem Dave Ross Under the bridge, submerged in the water. Yes
Aether Totem Alex Morris In a hidden chamber underneath the Altar's voting box. Yes
  • Kenneth is considered the bearer of the two Totems.  However, Dave Ross was the one who really decoded the Fire Totem clues and fumbled it to Kenneth, and a spectator found the Air Totem while walking with Kenneth.  Now a ruling states non-players may not intervene in the game by assisting players in anyway with the Totems.  Voted out players, however, may help players.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2009 ~ 5 Hidden Totems This year the winning team chose someone from one of the losing teams to go to eXile.  At eXile, they chose one of five sets of clues that, if solved, led to a totem.  Players were eXiled between 15-30 minute increments.

2009 Found By Used? Rulings
Chief Totem Megan Baljo Yes The CHIEF represents an extra vote. This idol must be used at tribal council after the votes have been cast but before they have been read. Present this idol to the Jeff and you will be allowed to cast another vote for whomever you choose. Your vote does not need to be the same as your original vote
Bear Totem Russell Phillips Yes The TOTEM must be played at tribal council. When played you will be the last person to cast your vote. You may look at the votes before you cast your own.
Kokopelli Totem Ema Staff Yes The KOKOPELLI idol must be played before any tribal council and it allows you to cast one vote. You may vote in another teams tribal council.
Hunter Totem Unfound X The HUNTER idol must be used during tribal council but before the votes are read. Present this idol to the Jeff and you will be granted IMMUNITY. All votes for you will not count. This idol must be played before the final four challenge.
Totem Unfound X The BEAR idol must be used during tribal council but before the votes are read - it sends you back to exile to search for another idol. You are SAFE from the vote. If the votes have already been cast - the tribe will re-vote. You can not use this idol after the votes have been read.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2010 ~ 5 Hidden Totems Kokopelli's Flute, back at camp, was designed to be rehidden if found.  Like the first year, this totem protected the player even after the votes were read.  Taking a Temptation instead of voting was the only way to receive a clue to Kokopelli's Flute. 

The Temptations
2010 Found By Location Used Rulings
Earth Totem Tyler Wait Underground between three trees near Adventure game site. Yes This totem gave the bearer immunity.  It could only be used after votes were cast, but before they were read.
Water Totem Dacia Wait Out floating in the water near the swamp.  Only retreivable by kayak. No Same ability as above.  Note: this is the only time a player who was already voted out found a totem.  It is also the only time a totem was not played.
Air Totem Unfound In a bird's nest where the two swamps meet. - Same as above.
Fire Totem Unfound In a hole dug out in the path between two fire pits. - Same as above.
Kokopelli's Flute Unfound At camp in a hole in a tree. - This totem, though unfound, was designed to be rehidden up to three times in the game.  The totem was hidden at camp.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2011 ~ 1 Hidden Totem and 4 Amulets of Power  Only one Totem made you immune, but 4 Amulets of Power brought new abilities and advantages for players.

2011 Found By Location Used Rulings
Hidden Immunity Totem Tyler In the rubble pile at the start of the trail. Yes Standard hidden immunity rules.
Amulet of Power Kirk In the bark of a downed tree shaped like a humpback whale. Yes This amulet gave the power to vote twice at Tribal.
Amulet of Power Kirk In between two trees that met at a V. Yes This amulet gave the power to win ties automatically at Tribal.
Amulet of Power Unfound In the bark of a tree stump on the trail by the Adventure site. - This amulet gave the power to nullify a vote.
Amulet of Power Unfound Near where the two swamps meets, a hidden tied off rope led to the prize. - This amulet gave the power to switch the tribes.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2012 ~ One hidden totem for each tribe, and one hidden totem for those voted out... Clues were won as rewards for winning challenges, by unlocking clues on team Shrines.  Players voted out went to eXile, where clues led to the location of another totem...

2012 Found By Location Used? Rulings
Waboz (Hare) Totem Jake Valentine In a hollowed out log near the ropes course (Same location as the Kokopelli Totem 2009) Yes Standard hidden immunity rules
Kigonz (Fish) Totem Unfound Under a rock on the shoreline, down the hill near the concrete slab - Standard hidden immunity rules
Amo (Bee) Totem Unfound Inside the unlit candle next to the voting booth at Tribal Sacrifice - Standard hidden immunity rules
Kokokoho (Bird) Totem Unfound In a tree near camp. - Only voted out players received clues to this totem.  It could only be used for immunity by a Ghost that had returned to the game.

Bearers of the Hidden TotemsEdit

Unlike IITs, Hidden Totems may be given to any player at any point in the game.  Even after a player is eliminated, they may choose to give their totem away.  Because of this, some players are officially Bearers of Hidden Totems but not the one who discovered it.

Players Who Have Given Hidden Totems Away
Name (Originated) Given To (Bearer) Season Reason
Jake Valentine Travis Rindler 2012 Jake thought Travis was in danger, so he offered it to him to protect him.  The vote turned out to be split: only 2 votes for Travis and 2 for Jake, with 4 ultimately  sacrificing Tyler Wait.
Kirk Carlson Dustyn Napper 2011 Kirk knew the vote was a 4-4 tie between Dustyn and Dustin after he carefully arranged it that way, and he knew the Totem would protect Dustyn.
Russell Phillips Trevor Davidson* 2009 Russell gave his Totem to Trevor after being voted out by him and Jay.  Even though it was still early in the game, their tribe was about to be dissolved, so Russell, as a good sport, gave Trevor his Totem for luck.
Trevor Davidson* Johnny Sobatta 2009 Johnny had nearly been voted out numerous times, but this time Trevor prevented it by giving Johnny the Totem.
Megan Baljo Donnie Opolski 2009 Megan found her Totem early in the game.  After she was eliminated, she gave it to her alliance partner from another team, Donnie, in the hopes that he would get further in the game.
  • Indicates the same hidden totem.