Individual Immunity Totems are most often rewarded after the point in the game where the remaining players on all tribes are merged into one team.  At this juncture, players play challenges only to for IITs.  Seldomly, more than one IIT has been rewarded in one challenge.

At the elimination phase, players who have IITs cannot have their name written down and therefore cannot be eliminated.  All IITs are used at the subsequent Tribal Sacrifice after it was earned.  A player may give an IIT away at any point, but not after the votes have been cast, and they may not give it to a player on another team.

In 2010 (The Temptations), a rules twist changed these normal rules: the player with individual immunity could not vote or take part of the temptation unless they gave their immunity to another player or sacrificed the Totem to Kokopelli prior to voting.

There have been 54 total Individual Immunity Totems.  (2007: 11, 2008: 7, 2009: 4, 2010: 11, 2011: 7, 2012: 14)

Total Totems Earned
Kirk Carlson, Les Done, Tim Nagey, Stefanie Roderer, and Katie Atto 3
Trevor Davidson, Liz Pierce, Suzie Davidson, Sara Sanders, Kris Kehn, Tyler Wait, Tim Roderer, Timothy Obmann, Jim Stange and Dustin Day 2
Mac Steele, Angie Cremeans, Steve Rainwater, Mike Martin, Ema Staff, Johnny Sobatta, Jay Fortier, Donnie Opolski, Kenneth Johnson, Melissa Kleparek, Mike Udell, Tricia Stehle, John Skidmore, Dustyn Napper, Jake Valentine, Pete Kirsch, Robbie Ramon, Abbey Medema, and Amber Gill 1

Total Breakdown'- 2007: Kirk (3), Trevor (2), Liz (2), Mac (1), Angie (1), Steve (1), Mike M. (1) 2008: Suzie (2), Sara S. (2), Kris (2), Ema (1) 2009: Johnny (1), Jay (1), Donnie (1), Ken (1) 2010: Les (3), Tim N. (3), Tyler (1), Melissa (1), Mike U. (1), Tricia (1), John S.(1) 2011: Stefanie (3), Tim R. (2), Dustyn (1), and Tyler (1) 2012: Katie (3), Tim O. (2), Dustin (2), Jake (1), Jim (2), Pete (1), Robbie (1), Amber (1), Abbey (1)

Totems Earned not in Immunity ChallengesEdit

Occassionaly, IITs have been rewarded outside of individual immunity challenges.  These totems, even though not all earned through challenges, are still considered in that player's total totem wins.

When Earned How Totem was Earned Player(s) Season
Purchase at Blind Auction One IIT was sold to the highest bidder during a Blind Auction. Ema 2008
Purchase at Blind Auction One IIT was sold to the highest bidder during a Blind Auction. Ken 2009
Prize for Reward Challenge Three IITs were given away to the players who completed the intial challenge (as well as school yard pick choice for initial teams). Mike U., Tricia, and Melissa 2010
Prize for Reward Challenge Two IITs were given away as a reward for the tribe swap challenge (as well as school yard pick choice for new teams.) Tim N. and John 2010
Prize for Coyote's (Reward) Challenge On the first night, two IITs were given away for those players who could balance the longest.  Players were given the chance to steal these immunity necklaces in the next three challenges, but no player took advantage of this. Jim and Pete 2012
Additional prize for Team Immunity Challenge On the second day, the Ghosts came back as a team and were given one shot to steal immunity from the players in the game.  If they got first place, they would vote two players back in the game.  If they got second, place, one player back into the game.  Those players would then enter the game with an IIT that would be good at the next elimination round.  Jim and Abbey 2012