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Adventure: Kokopelli Amulets of Power

Adventure: Kokopelli Veterans vs. Rookies


Jake's first season, Amulets of Power, played out well until the tribe swap on day 2, where he was voted a few rounds prior to merge. 

Jake's second time around proved he was a force to be reckoned with.  He suceeded in locating his tribe's hidden totem, assisted his tribe in winning the majority of initial challenges, won individual immunity, and helped persuade alliances to work against one another.  He survived a barrage of elimination rounds in 2012, with three players returning to the game.  Jake was not voted out this season because in the final three tribal council, Katie took him to the end instead of Robbie, and she subsequently beat him in the final jury vote.

Jake's crafty game plays and power in puzzle challenges have made him a tremendous asset to his teammates.