eXile Island


Ironically, Johnny was never eXiled in eXile Island.  Nonetheless, after winning three tie-breaking fire-making challenges, he indeed one the title of Great Warrior.

Johnny was a member of the Red Team, while his closest friends, Trevor and Jay were on the Black Team.  After the three tribes dissolved into two, Johnny was still on a seperate tribe.  Even though they attempted to vote Johnny out nearly every round, he either won the tie breaker, and played the Totem, given to him from Trevor.

Johnny reunited with his alliance at the late merge at Final 5.  Tribal lines did not stay together, as Johnny voted with Trevor and Jay to eliminated Stubbs and Donnie.  Johnny won the final three immunity challenge and voted Jay out.  In eth end Johnny won the jury over with his Dark Horse / Underdog story and he won the game by a handful of votes.

Johnny planned on hosting the following year, but was not able to.  A challenge is actually named in his honor, "Johnny's Feast," and it has been played in two seasons The Temptations and Amulets of Power.   As of the writing of this, it is the only challenge officially named after a winner.