Veterans vs. Rookies


Katie was a player in the Adventure: Gold Rush event.  She returned to play in a new game and was played in the Veterans tribe having played an "Adventure" game before.  Three other players in her tribe were from Gold Rush as well.

The Veterans dominated the Rookies in the intial team challenges, and the merge was primarily full of their tribe.  However, when it came down to voting one of their own out, two sub-alliances quickly formed, and Katie was one of the swing votes.  Katie chose to allign with Robbie, Jake, and Travis, three guys she thought she could beat in challenges.  Feminine intuition paid off as Katie beat them all in the final three immunity challenges, sending herself to the end.  She chose Jake over Robbie because she was unsure if she could beat Robbie.  In the end, Jake secured four votes, but Katie's journey swept the jury, and thirteen votes won her the title of Great Warrior.