Selkirk Lake

Shelley Lake

eXile Island

The Temptations


Ken has had a wide experience in the Kokopelli series. He has participated more than any other player.

In Selkirk Lake, he was the first person eliminated.  In that initial immunity challenge, Kenneth broke his team's water bucket and they were unable to win that challenge due to the handicap.

In Shelley Lake, Ken would come in 3rd place.  He aquired 2 hidden immunity totems by outthinking the game itself (he used a non-player to help him find one, and the other he waited until someone almost found it and then raced to get it first).

Kenneth was the last member of the Blue Team in eXile Island.  He got 6th place.

In The Temptations, Kenneth was the first person voted out of his team.  He agreed to be voted out, so that others could get further into the game.

Kenneth came back the following year to help host Amulets of Power.