Selkirk Lake

eXile Island

Amulets of Power


Kirk was the winner of the very first season of Kokopelli.  He, along with Angie on the other team, crafted an alliance, and kept each other safe the entire game.  He won in the final challenge against her.

In eXile Island, Kirk made it to the Final 7, but was eXiled from playing the challenge.  At eXile he nearly located the Hidden Totem, and when he came back, discovered his team had lost the challenge.  He was eliminated that round.

In Amulets of Power, Kirk discovered two Amulets - the only player to find any of them.  He used them to save Dustyn at the Final 7, and then tricked Tim into believeing he had a third.  When Dustyn turned against Kirk at Final 6, Tim R. was frightened that a Totem could vote him out, and he sided with Kirk, Stef and Tyler, eliminating Sam from the game.  However, being burned by his partner, he hastily asked everyone to vote Dustyn out the next round if he did not win immunity.  Kirk would make it to the final three without winning a single individual immunity challenge, but lost the Finale Challenge Relay to Stef and Tim R.

Kirk has hosted and assisted in the other three seasons.