Overall, Adventure: Kokopelli has had 64 new players over six years.  18 players have returned to play again in subsequent seasons.  In total, there have been 88 attempts (new and returning players) to win Kokopelli, with only 6 players actually claiming vitory.  Only 3 players have left the game early: Brooke Ratliff (2012) for injury, and Michael Strasko & Tricia Stehle (2010) for an emergency at home.

2013 will mark the 100th attempt to win the game and will crown the 7th winner with the title of Great Warrior.

An underlined name means a player has played Kokopelli once before.  An underlined and italicized name means the player played twice before.  An underlined, italicized, and bolded name means the player played three times before. A player's name in parenthesis and attributed as (GHOST) refers to a player returning to the same game after being eliminated.

Adventure: Kokopelli 2007 Selkirk LakeEdit

Kirk Carlson        WINNER   
Angie Cremeans  Runner-Up  
Liz Pierce           3rd place    
Trevor Davidson   4th place   
Mac Steele         5th place   
Steve Rainwater  6th place       
Mike Martin        7th place   
Rich Pierce        8th place   
Tony Monroe      9th place   
Dave Ross        10th place  
Thom                11th place   
Ken Johnson      12 Place   

Adventure: Kokopelli 2008 Shelley LakeEdit

Suzie  Davidson   WINNER
Sara Sanders       Runner-Up 
Ken Johnson        3rd place 
Kris Kehn            4th place
(Alex Morris)        5th place (GHOST)
(Dave Ross)         6th place (GHOST)
Megan Baljo         7th place
Trevor Davidson    8th place
Rachel Carlson    9th place
Ema Staff           10th place
Alex Morris         11th place
Dave Ross          12th place
Megan Arthur      13th place
Mark Stubbs       14th place

Adventure: Kokopelli 2009 eXile IslandEdit

Johnny Sobatta    WINNER
Trevor Davidson    Runner-Up
Jason Fortier        3rd place
Donnie Opalski    4th place
Mark Stubbs        5th place
Ken Johnson       6th place
Kirk Carlson        7th place
Kris Kehn            8th place
Steve Robertson  9th place
Ema Staff
         10th place
Russell Phillips  11th place
Megan Baljo      12th place
Mike Gokee       13th place
Rachel Carlson   14th place
Alex Morris        15th place
Nick Weidner    16th place
Dave Ross        17th place
Mike Udell         18th place
Sara Sanders    19th place

Adventure: Kokopelli 2010 The TemptationsEdit

Les Done              WINNER
Tyler Wait              Runner-Up
Tim Nagey             3rd place
Cher Nagey           4th place
Melissa Kleparek   5th place
Rebecca Chatfield  6th place
John Skidmore       7th place
Mike Udell             8th place
Ken Johnson        9th place
Dacia Wait            10th place
Tricia Stehle          11th place
Mike Strasko         12th place

Adventure: Kokopelli 2011 Amulets of PowerEdit

Tim Roderer      WINNER
Stef Roderer      Runner-Up
Kirk Carlson      3rd place
Tyler Wait          4th place
Dustyn Napper   5th place
Sam Burkett      6th place
Dustin Day        7th place
Travis Rindler     8th place
Robbie Ramon   9th place
Jake Valentine   10th place
Jeff Kniola         11th place
Brent Buckley   12th place
Candice Major   13th place

Adventure: Kokopelli 2012 Veterans vs. RookiesEdit

Katie Atto           WINNER
Jake Valentine     Runner-Up
Robbie Ramon     3rd place
Travis Rindler       4th place
(Tim Obmann)      5th place (GHOST)
Stef Roderer         6th place
Dustin Day           7th place
Rachel Carlson     8th place
Tyler Wait            9th place
(Abbey Medema)  10th place (GHOST)
Ryan Gidley         11th place
Ben Tejchma        12th place
(Jim Stange)         13th place (GHOST)
Amber Gill            14th place
Colleen McDonnel 15th place
Abbey Medema     16th place
Jim Stange            17th place
Shaily Hakimian     18th place
Michael                  19th place
Shaily Hakimian     20th place
Pete                      21st place
Chris Day              22nd place
Brooke Ratliff         23rd place