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Shelley Lake


Though Suzie has only played once, she won the season she played.  Most importantly, however, is that Suzie was one of the primary driving forces in the creation of the event and has hosted the event twice.

Suzie planned out the events of the very first event, Selkirk Lake.  She then would come back to win at Shelley Lake the following year.  Her alliance of Ken and Sara made it to the final three.  During the Finale Challenge Relay, both players made it through all four stages and were on the final stage before Suzie even completed the first stage.  Exhausted and crying, she finally found the puzzle piece.  Without giving up, she trudged through the next stages and in the end, beat the other two in putting the three-dimensional cube together.  She voted Ken out and her and Sara tied in the final Ghost Jury vote 5-5.  In an unexpected rules twist because of the tie, there was a final challenge and Suzie won the title of Great Warrior.

Suzie hosted eXile Island, which introduced the concept of eXile.  This was repeated in the following year, The Temptations, with a twist.  eXile came back in 2012 - after players were voted out they went to eXile where they found clues on how to get back into the game AND clues to the location of a super secret hidden immunity totem.