Selkirk Lake

Shelley Lake

eXile Island


Trevor is a notoriously great player of Kokopelli.  In the very first seasons, Trevor located the hidden totem and saved himself at the Final 5 and nearly won immunity to save himself at Final 4.

Trevor's second year did not play out as well.  He was eliminated at a double elimination round with Rachel.

However, eXile Island could not have been a better season if it was not for Trevor.  Trevor's first tribe, the black tribe, lost every immunity challenge and voted out players until only two remained.  While Trevor officially did not find a Totem, Russell would give his to Trevor they voted him out.

At this juncture, the games rules called for a dissolve of the players into two tribes.  Trevor and his alliance of Jay and Johnny would go into the Final 3.  Johnny would win immunity and take Trevor to the end.  Johnny won the final vote by only a few votes.