The Temptations

Amulets of Power

Veterans vs. Rookies


Tyler single handedly has the most records in the game of Kokopelli.  Some of them the worst and some of them the best.

In Tyler's first year, 2010, he started the first immunity challenge (Hands on Totem), with Melissa and Tricia.  Tyler stayed in until Tricia convinced him to step off.  The time elapsed balancing and touching the totem lasted nearly 90 minutes.  The next day, Tyler successfully found a hidden immunity totem and over two days successfully evaded being voted out at tribal sacrifice.  Mike U. even gave him immunity at the first elimination he ever went to!  Tyler would make it to the Final five, with 2 couples - Tim & Cher and Melissa and Les.  He used the totem on himself at final 5, but it did not matter.  They still decided to eliminate Cher - which was probably their next biggest threat in the game, especially socially.  At the final three, with Les with immunity and unable to cast a vote, the Ghost Jury voted Tyler into the Final 2 Challenge Finale, where he would lose at the final puzzle against Les Done.

In The Amulets of Power, Tyler would again find the hidden immunity totem, this time by basically stumbling over it in a rubble pile.  He would again get to the Final 5, and AGAIN, with 2 couples - Dustyn & Kirk and Tim & Stef.  By playing the totem on himself, he made himself safe, at final 5, and like the year before, Tyler would sneak in between the two couples.  However, Kirk turned his vote against Tyler at Final 4, partially due to the tie breaker rules, and Tyler was eliminated at Final 4.

In Veterans vs. Rookies, Tyler nearly found the Waboz Totem, but instead Jake would secure it.  At Final 8, Jake would use the Totem, and still Tyler was eliminated from the game.  However, in the second Revenant twist, Tyler won a challenge for Dustin Day and had a shot at returning to the game.  However, Ghosts must "steal" immunity from the players, and it was Tim O. who would go on to win Liar's Dice and returned to the game.  In the final Revenant Twist, Tyler won the final challenge, Majority Rules, to bring himself back into the game as a Ghost in the Finale.  However, Tyler chopped his own rope to give the final shot to Stef. 

Tyler's elapsed challenge playing time is longer than any other player's due to two attempts at Hands on Totem.

Tyler has found two Totems, tying him with Most Found Hidden Totems.